Dear brands, don’t post about Christmas…

It’s Christmas, so don’t mention ‘Christmas!!

Image of 11 others posted about xmas

11 others posted about Christmas...don't join them

The reason being that the latest iteration of Facebook News Feed and the infamous EdgeRank, will group together posts that have ‘Christmas’ within the copy. This is great for users. It means you don’t have to read 10 or more semi-identical posts about Christmas jumpers / offers / ‘oh so creative’ cards destined for clients.

But if you’re a brand, it means that your post might not be seen by the majority of your fans, as it’s swept under the ‘Christmas carpet’ by EdgeRank. And from my limited research (asking friends and family), it seems to be the brand pages suffering the most.

Whether this is because EdgeRank recognises brand pages trying to make sales over Christmas (spam), or because brands push the message harder (sheer volume) is not clear.

Sure, any user can click on the link and expand the collapsed posts, but how many users are seriously going to do that?

Image of 11 others posted about xmas expanded

Brands need to freshen the content

It is worth saying that this is somewhat dependant on the individual user’s News Feed and how many posts they have interacted with which mention ‘Christmas’.  But from the very unscientific research I have done (asking friends and family) it is safe to say that a lot of people are seeing the ‘X others posted about Christmas‘ post!

My advice? Choose a different tac… disrupt the News Feed…get creative…

Merry 11 others posted about this…


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4 Responses to Dear brands, don’t post about Christmas…

  1. You should blog about EdgeRank more often dude.

    I name-checked you in a meeting earlier (and have since been sorting through some of the links you whacked up on Socialcast), it’s not a bad subject to specialise in.

    Keep it up.

  2. Smart thinking, you should probably collate a series of “What shouldn’t brands do” posts as I think most of us, even those that manage pages, don’t often think as you’ve suggested above and track the minutiae changes that FB constantly implements!

    • Thanks, I hope some of it is of some use! Keeping up with Facebook would be a full time job I think. Wouldn’t know half as much if people didn’t willingly share their thoughts and findings! Thanks for the comment…

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